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Kiddies Parties: 5 Original Party Themes for Girls

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Birthdays are an unavoidable fact of life. The mention of another party may evoke feelings of anxiety and dread as you scurry to and fro trying to make your little one’s birthday as memorable as possible. And let’s face it, kids aren’t easily impressed these days. Mom’s bright idea is often dismissed with a statement like, ‘That’s booorrring mom, I want a party like Anabelle’s’.

It’s no easy task coming up with party ideas every year, especially if you have more than one ‘bundle of joy’ to think about. Attempting to steer clear of the overdone Barbie, princess and Disney themed parties is a challenge in itself. So, to spare you the trouble and effort, we’ve gone in search of 5 original party themes for girls that should give you ample inspiration.

1. An Art Themed Party

Do you have a budding artist in the family? Well, this wonderfully creative theme from Thoughtfully Simple is enough to inspire even the most inhibited child.

  • Invites: Set the tone with splashes of colourful paint. You can really go all out with abstract creations. Also, make sure to mention on the invitation that an apron and old clothes are a must.
  • Activities: Children can decorate their own edible art with food colouring or make their own crayons.
  • Food Ideas: The rainbow cake is so fitting for this occasion and it’s sure to evoke interest and excitement from the kids in attendance.

2. A Chef Themed Party

Some children love being in the kitchen. Do you have a chef in the making? Although she may get under your feet when you’re trying to cook, why not indulge her interest with a chef themed party? This one from Simple Bites is just delightful!

  • Crafts: The little amateur chefs can spend some time decorating paper chef hats and simple DIY dish towel aprons before they venture into the kitchen.
  • Games: Have the kids do a recipe treasure hunt before they make anything in the kitchen. Some of the pit stops can include washing of hands and getting certain utensils ready.
  • Baking Activities: Mini pizzas, salad skewers and cupcakes. The cupcake activity should be followed by a fun decorating session in which the girls get to show off their decorating skills with different coloured icing, sprinkles and pattern making utensils.

3. An Ice-Cream Themed Party

This party theme is full of fun. Kate Landers Events has presented a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. There’s no doubt that visiting the ice-cream shop has always been a coveted treat for most children, and this theme certainly recreates the feeling of an old-fashioned ice-cream parlour rather well.

  • Decor: Red and white stripes work well for the ice-cream parlour effect and cone hats are a must. Fun labelling for all the ice-cream flavours and toppings will definitely encourage interest.
  • Activities: The party is mostly built around the activity of making the perfect ice-cream combo. Different ice-cream flavours are lined up in buckets with an array of toppings to choose from.
  • Games: Pin the cherry on the ice-cream is a goodie. The kids can also be split into two teams for a fort building challenge using ice cream cones and chocolate icing.

4. A Candy Themed Party

This theme from Glorious Treats is so wonderfully suited to girls because of the colour scheme. There’s so much candy in pretty pastel colours, and the result is a very sweet and dainty affair.

  • Decor: Try to stick to two main colours and use these throughout the party (like pink and green). As it is a candy themed party, the idea is to decorate with candy as much as possible. Buntings, table cloths and flowers in complimentary colours work well too. Use as many big, glass display jars as you can find and fill them with candy in the colours you have chosen.
  • Games: Candy bingo – replace the traditional use of numbers with different candy pictures, and of course the grand prize could be a candy hamper of sorts.

5. A Teddy Bear’s Picnic Themed Party

This theme from Party Frosting is a lovely idea for children who enjoy being outdoors and have a particular affinity for stuffed animals. The most appealing thing about this theme is that it’s nice and easy to execute too. All you need is a big picnic blanket and some treat-filled backpacks. Make sure the kids have their bears in tow and you’re good to go.

  • Invites: The lyrics from the children’s song ‘A Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ will add a nice touch to a furry friend invite. Don’t forget to tell the kids to bring their bears along.
  • Games: Treasure hunts, hide and go seek and any other outdoor games you can think of.
  • Decor: Ensure that the lunches are nicely packed in brown paper bags with a ribbon or something special to finish it off. Alternatively, why not make bindles for the kids using dowels and fun material? They can all head off with their lunch over the shoulder, adding to the sense of adventure.

Life Café’s unique indoor and outdoor space is well suited to hosting kiddies parties. With the right decor, our café can be transformed into a party paradise.



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